“Wallpaper – Illusion of Life”


Water-Resistant and scratch-proof fleece wallpaper “Illusion of Life” will  create a unique wall decoration  for your home or workplace

Water-Resistant and scratch-proof fleece wallpaper “Illusion of Life”. Wallpaper “Illusion of Life” with the inspiring motive will be an effective eye-catch for each interior. Non-woven are attached to the wall with standard wallpaper paste. They can be installed even in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Our wallpaper murals are semi-matte layered and hide small imperfections of the wall. And create a warm insulation layer that allows the walls to breathe – which is very important.

High-quality printing
Digital quality printing with a resolution of up to 600 dpi in unique technology as well as vibrant colours makes that the fleece wallpaper fills your interior and enlarges it.

Easy installation
Our wallpaper murals come on a roll exactly like standard wallpaper, they have pre-cut lines so you can’t go wrong and is very easy to install. Important!! With Non-woven wallpapers, you paste the walls, not the wallpaper, and just use a brush to paste edges of the ceiling, etc… Just make sure your first drop is plumb using a spirit level and all the other drops should fall nicely into place

Ecological and safe
Our Wallpapers are odourless and perfectly safe to go into nurseries or young children’s bedrooms

Safe packaging
The wallpaper is rolled up and pre-packed in a thick cardboard box that ensures transport safety making sure you receive your product in tip-top condition. Each cardboard box contains the installation instructions.

Grammage: 120g/sqm
Width of 1 role: 50cm
Printing technique: laser (thermally-hardened printing)

Part sizes:
100×70: 50×70 50×70
150×105: 50×105 50×105 50×105
200×140: 50×140 50×140 50×140 50×140
250×175: 50×175 50×175 50×175 50×175 50×175
300×210: 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210 50×210
350×245: 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245 50×245
400×280: 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280 50×280

Type: Wallpaper


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