Self-adhesive Wallpaper – Fauna of Africa


Our self-adhesive wallpaper ”Fauna of Africa” results in minimal time. Perfect for a nursery or a play room for your little ones

Wallpaper Mural –Fauna of Africa
Our self-adhesive Wallpapers are a great solution for those who want to achieve with minimal effort! You can renovate your home or workspace without the need for wallpaper paste
Self-adhesive wallpapers are a versatile product. They can be used on the entire wall surface or only on a small part, e.g. on partition walls, bars, kitchen islands, and even … on furniture, as our self-adhesive photo wallpapers can also be used as furniture decoration. With so many possibilities of use, you can enjoy your favorite design
Self-adhesive Wallpapers
The self-adhesive wallpaper  ”Fauna of Africa”  details are sharp regardless of the size of the wallpaper.  And UV-resistant, so colours don’t fade even after long exposure to sunlight.
Safe materials
The self-adhesive wallpaper mural is made of safe, odorless materials, so it can be used in any room, including your and your child’s bedroom.
Easy assembly
Before applying, make sure that the surface (wall, furniture) is properly prepared, degreased, free from dust, paint residue, etc. Stick the photo paper on the strips, gradually removing the protective foil from the top and removing any air bubbles that may be formed. Quickly, easily, without any worries.
Self-adhesive wallpapers – universal decoration
 you will find many suggestions that will appeal to both lovers of modern style and traditionalists. Self-adhesive wallpapers can decorate every room, not only the living room or bedroom, but also the kitchen or bathroom. However, be careful not to put them in places with high humidity or in direct contact with water.

Part sizes:
98×70: 49×70 49×70
343×245: 49×245 49×245 49×245 49×245 49×245 49×245 49×245
392×280: 49×280 49×280 49×280 49×280 49×280 49×280 49×280 49×280
441×315: 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315 49×315
294×210: 49×210 49×210 49×210 49×210 49×210 49×210
245×175: 49×175 49×175 49×175 49×175 49×175
147×105: 49×105 49×105 49×105
196×140: 49×140 49×140 49×140 49×140

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Self-adhesive Wallpaper



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