Photo wallpaper on the door – Do Not Cross


Durable and scratch-resistant fleece wallpaper on the door “Do Not Cross” is a fun decorative design, this wallpaper will dramatically change the look of your door.

Durable and scratch-resistant wallpaper on the door “Do Not Cross” is an inspiring decorative design our wallpapers can be hung on the door with wallpaper paste. You can install it in any room, even in a bathroom or a kitchen. You can use them as a sticker for the front door or the inner doors.

Easy installation
The wallpaper on the door consists of convenient assembling, horizontal strips, with a width of 50 cm and its installation is a piece of cake. Put the paste on the surface of the door. Apply each strip one after the other. Press firmly, cut the side parts, and it’s done! Without wrinkles and bubbles.

Ecological and safe
The stickers on the room door are odorless. Using safe materials, we can recommend our decoration also to your bedroom and your children’s room.

Safe packaging
Your wallpaper is rolled up and packed in a cardboard box that ensures transport safety. Each cardboard box contains the installation instructions.

Gram mage: 120g/m2
Number of pieces: 5
Width of 1 roll: 50 cm
Printing technology: Laser (thermally-hardening print)

Pattern: n-B-0026-a-e
Size: 70×210
Type: Photo wallpaper on the door


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