DIY canvas painting – Acropolis


Painting by Numbers for adults “Acropolis” If you’re fond of painting, and other manual activities, you will certainly love these.
Painting by Numbers for adults “Acropolis” turn your picture into your own personalized painting,  
Painting By Numbers has been proven to reduce anxiety, create focus, and mindfulness.

Your set contains:

  • A printed canvas with a pattern and numbered colour fields
  • 2 brushes with different bristles thickness
  • A set of acrylic paints in containers, specially selected for your chosen pattern
  • Diagram pattern with coloured fields – to help you to paint

Painting kit for adults

For the body and mind!
Do you know that painting has a positive effect on your mind and body?
  • Relaxes
  • Develops creativity
  • Teaches patience and concentration
  • Develops manual skills
  • Improves the precision of movements and supports their coordination
Original gift!
A painting kit is an extraordinary gift.
  • Give it to someone you want to treat 
  • Give your friends a gift and invite them to paint together
  • Give as a gift to your partner as your own painted picture
Painting by numbers!
Painting over the fields according to the instructions will help you achieve a professional result.
Premium materials
High-quality canvas stretched on a wooden frame (100% spruce wood), professional paintbrushes, and high-quality acrylic paints in individual containers will make your painting a real work of art.

Painting kit for adults

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DIY canvas painting



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