“Acrylic Print – Forest of Secrets [Glass]”


The picture on acrylic glass “Forest of Secrets [Glass]” alternative to traditional wall decorations. This will look amazing for your home or workplace


The picture on acrylic glass “Forest of Secrets [Glass]” alternative to traditional wall decorations, such as glass panels or decorative kitchen glass. Printing on acrylic glass attracts high-quality dyes, it is characterized by a beautiful gloss. Acrylic glass pictures are light, easy to clean, and resistant to moisture, so they work great in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and even on the terrace.

Acrylic glass with graphics amazing 3d effect.

Acrylic prints keep all the advantages of classical glass printing, without its weaknesses – high weight and delicacy. They are manufactured from poly methyl meth acrylate, A polymer commonly c. Unlike glass, it is half lighter and much stronger. It is more flexible and hard to crush.

High resistance
Acrylic glass in contrast to ordinary glass is more resistant to damage and does not deform.

High light transmission
High transparency of acrylic guarantees a glossy surface and higher colour intensity.

Safe for children
Made of non-shattering material.

Smooth surface
The surface of the acrylic glass remains smooth and is scratch-resistant.

Picture hanging
It is incredibly simple and takes only a few minutes thanks to the invisible hooks on the back of the picture. Hanging elements are part of the set. On the back of the picture you find also rubber bumpers that have a stabilizing and protective function.

Lighter than glass
Acrylic glass is 50% lighter than traditional glass.

Additional UV protection
Used ink is resistant to sunlight.

Part sizes:
100×50: 20×30 20×40 20×50 20×40 20×30
200×100: 40×60 40×80 40×100 40×80 40×60

Type: Acrylic Print


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