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Room Dividers

Style anywhere you need it – best room dividers

Our room dividers are the key to partitioned style or a discreate high quality sheen for a more
professional residence. Our room dividers serve excellently within; medical offices, hair and beauty
salons, nurseries, restaurants, offices, hotels, spas, waiting rooms, homes, and just about anywhere.

Our room dividers are perfect for almost every interior, we have a pattern that will suit any décor.
Many people love the idea of minimalization within an interior design. The loss of privacy is the main
complaint of people when they have an open floor plan within their place of work or home. All
rooms are important, they bring their own purpose to a general purpose to a building so if you have
an open floor plan, why not eccentricate the purpose of each room? If you think about it, you can
have an open floor plan or just a large room and very stylishly and simply create smaller rooms
without having that closing off that a wall gives. This is not only nicer to walk into but also the
creativeness that can be wielded is limitless.




Our room dividers look amazing within a restaurant, they give that feel of being a V.I.P closing off a section of a restaurant and creating that bubble of authentic feel created by the restaurant’s atmosphere.




Room dividers are great at dividing but also as a furnishing, they create a picture-perfect view to an area that you may want to hide away. Or to create privacy without hindering natural day light from a room.




The creativeness of a room divider can turn a “just a corner of a room” to a magical marvel with animals or a storybook like whimsical wonderland to make every small or large imaginative adventure that extra immersive.



Every room divider can be personal to your room, need to cover a large space? We have you covered with our 3 or 5-part dividers. They’re perfect for decoration as they’re light, easily moved, and easily stored.
We at 3D Wallpaper Murals are constantly looking for ways how we can improve your home with creative designs with our murals to simple furnishings that add that indescribable quality that can only be in awe of.

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Painting by numbers: 3D Wallpaper Murals UK

Expressing yourself with us at: 3D Wallpaper Murals UK

painting by numbersPainting by numbers, is an excellent way to express your inner creative. Anyone and everyone can paint children’s painting by numbersthe masterpieces you see on this blog. With a very seemingly intricate system of a beautifully designed picture the painting by numbers system is easy to pick up. Either following the set-out colours or be expressive and paint the colours you want, both are easily accessible.

For children alike

painting kit for childrensOur assortment of children’s painting by numbers are fun for the whole family. Let your child express their creativity with these wonderful painting kits. The kits are perfect for that special one-to-one time with a young one, the kits are perfect for a budding artist or as an investigative exploration into a new hobby.

Mediating not your thing?

Painting by numbers is just a fun task, they have been tested to; develop creativity and manual skills in children, teaches patience and concentration, supports motor development, improves the precision of movements and supports hand-eye coordination, stimulates expressive thinking, reduces anxiety and stress level, allows meditative focus and deep thinking, and finally is an excellent hobby. The finished product is excellent as a time piece, something that you have done, a sense of achievement for all to see.

A complete kit

The kit comes with all the above, however there is nothing stopping you from being creative and using your own paint to create your personalised rendition of the canvas.Within the sets you get the complete tools you need to create your masterpiece, you get; a printed canvas with the numbered colour fields, 2 brushes with different bristles with different thickness for finer painting, a set of acrylic paints in special containers selected for the individual painting, with finally a diagram pattern with coloured fields to help you paint.

The kit comes with all the above, however there is nothing stopping you from being creative and using your own paint to create your personalised rendition of the canvas.

All of the products and details can be found here:

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Getting the most out of your business with 3D Wallpaper Murals UK

3D Wallpaper Murals UK

Wallpaper Murals can create an atmosphere in any room, meaning any business that you’re running we can tailor a mural that is perfect for you. Creating that perfect fit, we’ve made an art, with our wide range of products we can easily find the best mural to match your needs, from;

Rich Coffee themes Wallpaper...,
coffee shop wallpaperForming that perfect atmosphere within your coffee shop is key, creating that blend of décor, with the ambiance of a coffee shop is central to crafting that perfect in-store experience. Wallpaper Murals will harmoniously bring together the contemporary vibe of a mural with the style of a professional barista at work with a charming mural. One of our murals will set the scene in any store-front, allowing you to do your best work while we do our, by providing the best quality mural for you. Once you set foot in a coffee shop decorated with a striking mural to match the décor you know you’re in the right place, the mix of senses is an amalgamation of what is just right for every coffee lover.

…to Spicy Chilli Peppers Wallpaper…,

Spicy Chilli Peppers wallpaperEstablishing the mix of flavors of visuals and taste is effortless when your restaurant or store-front is adorned by a mural from 3D Wallpaper Murals UK. Don’t be afraid to play around with these eye-catching recipes for a remarkable dish for the eyes. Every element of a restaurant is key to create that perfect atmosphere that patrons use to feel encapsulated by their environment, why not enhance that with an exotic clear treat for the eyes? Restaurants with an experimental attitude with the array of spices and condiments to play with only bolster the vibrant murals we have to offer; the flavor will be bouncing from visual to plate in no time.


…to a Sophisticated Wine Bar Mural.

Wine Bar MuralThe wine bar is a 360-degree experience, from the; striking taste, pungent smell, encapsulating visual and relaxing noise. So, forming that picturesque visual to tip off the experience that the customer desires are what 3D Wallpaper Murals does best. Designing the atmosphere of a wine bar is not an easy task, recreating the mood of relaxation and vintage sophistication is dynamic to every wine bar’s success. From a casual easy-going atmosphere to an elegant classic ambiance a mural would fit nicely to finish off the sensual burst that is just right.


The right choice for you and your business.

There’re a lot of choices of murals for any occasion to match all decoration. Ensuring that your customer on entry to the store remembers their visit because of their first glance they are taken in by your products and the decoration, by the mural. Fitting the mural to the product is key for that perfect blend, seamless experience that the customer just feels right in that storefront. They know from that first 5 seconds in being in the store that they’re in the right place. No-one will remember the plain walls of magnolia or pale blues, so shaping the ethos of your store is excellent to have a long-lasting effect on the customer's mind. All images used in this blog can be found here at:





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Create Your Perfect Room With Wallpaper Murals

Creating a new look for your home or business has never been easier with the use of wallpaper murals. Wallpaper murals can make a dramatic change to the overall appearance of your room and bringing to life the most boring and tiring spaces to life. Wallpaper Murals are not a thing to go out of fashion as the designs are always in keeping with the current trends and let's face it what else can you do apart from paint and create the bog standard feature wall normally a standard run of the mill wallpaper around the chimney brest. Well those days have gone people's ideas are changing and they are going more bolder and creative with there decorating themes so why not join them.

Wallpaper Murals On A Roll Or Square Panels...Which One's Best?

There are many places that sell wallpaper murals and the quality between many of them is vast. There are many copies out there and variations too on the main selling auction sites without mentioning any names and the quality are very poor on most of them so if it's cheap....That's why! It's like hanging tracing paper to the wall.

The quality of the paper is key to a good wallpaper mural and the premium wallpapers come on a roll like standard wallpaper and not in square panels believe me there is a massive difference in quality. We have heard many times of murals shrinking and fading within a month of been put up...poor quality paper and Ink comes to mind you pay for what you get so spend a little bit extra and get a good quality wallpaper mural from the start.

Price Ranges

A good top quality wallpaper mural depending on the size you require can range from £120 to £350 for a large size mural of around 400cm wide which is extremely large, there are some even larger ones available. Quality is everything in a wallpaper mural from the vivid depth of the color to the get what you pay for and in most instances it's true.

Non-Woven Papers

Most top quality wallpaper murals are on non-woven paper which makes it perfect for hanging for one main reason you paste the wall first not like standard wallpapers having said that most manufacturers are going the non-woven way now. The idea of pasting the wall first is the paper does not get wet with paste as you probably are aware if you have hung wallpaper before it tears very easily and also when you are trimming off edges with a sharp knife it tends to drag and then leaves you with untidy and jagged edges whereas with the non-woven paper it's only the areas which are pasted where the paper is going to stick leaving the paper whats left to be trimmed dry and with a good straight edge easy to trim leaving nice sharp and even cuts. Also to bear in mind a lot of our business customers change their mural every year just to keep their workspace fresh and inviting as unlike other wallpapers which is a great benefit Non-woven papers are really easy to strip because they are extremely durable so tend to come off in large strips just wet the backing whatever is left on and leave for 2 mins and then scrape off...easy.

Popular Themes At The Moment

Wallpaper murals and interior decor is down to your own individual personal tastes, what has been popular this year is forest wallpaper murals, world map designs and clocks and also what has been hugely popular has been 3d abstract where there some breathtaking designs. Another important thing is the furnishings to help compliment your wallpaper mural and theme. Canvas prints or paintings can add that finishing touch to the rest of the walls to break up those blank spaces. Mood lighting is another great way to create the ambiance of a room and showcasing your wallpaper mural, as mood lighting comes on strips you can sit them on top of the skirting board or by the base of the floor and direct them up to cast light on your mural which can really dramatically change the whole mood of the room. Don't be afraid to try things new be creative and design a theme to promote your personality or business. Next time you are out and about take a look around at some shops or business's themes I doubt it would be very long before you came across a wallpaper mural or for that instance tv shows and if you look properly you will see some people come up with amazing ideas using props to set off the theme they have in there mind.

Using Wallpaper murals other than featured wall

You can use wallpaper murals where ever you would like, again we have seen numerous examples of this. One gentleman used a large bold stone wallpaper mural and did either side of a hallway the hallway ceiling was rounded and with the use of old vintage lighting the effect was amazing. Also, we have seen examples where people have used certain designed wallpaper murals and installed then in the corner of the room so it gave a fantastic depth and gave off an incredible illusion, so you can do some amazing creative unique things with the use of wallpaper murals, so to re-iterate you can use wallpaper murals where ever and for whatever your imagination can come up with...just remember have fun doing it. Also, a new product on the market is wallpaper murals for doors and are great if you have flat profile doors or fire doors etc and can just finish a room off perfectly with the right design to complement your wallpaper mural.

Visit our online shop

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How to Choose a Mural Wallpaper?

mural-wallpaperHow to Choose a Mural Wallpaper?

Mural Wallpapers have been in trend for the last decade, and these beautiful décor pieces are not going anywhere in the near future. Not only in the United Kingdom but virtually all over the world, wall decoration with Mural Wallpapers is getting a lot of appreciation from home décor lovers and business owners alike. So if you are thinking about giving your home a treat with beautiful mural designs, then you are on the right track. Because, unlike the pasting of traditional wallpapers, mural wallpapers are printed in superb HD print on non-woven which makes it super easy to hang with its pre-cut lines also of great benefit is you paste the walls and not the you don’t need to have a large pasting table. The excellent quality of the paper feels natural and provides a sense of lavishness. So if you are willing to get a mural wallpaper but are confused on how to choose a mural wallpaper, then you have come to the right place. We will give you a brief guide to choosing your mural wallpaper. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Decide where to Put the Mural Wallpaper:

The key factor in choosing a perfect mural wallpaper is first to decide where you are going to put it. For instance, you cannot put office murals in the living space; it will not make any sense. Therefore, if you want to bring out that “WOW” factor in your guests then this is the first thing you need to work on. So first of all, make up your mind about which wall needs mural wallpaper and which ones don’t.

What Wallpaper mural You Want to Use?

Once you have decided on the wall where you want to put a mural wallpaper, now it is time to decide the image that you are going to use as a mural wallpaper. This is the most crucial point in your mural wallpaper choosing process as it will decide how your theme will turn out. Start by thinking about the images that you will love to see. This can include the nature images, landscapes, forests, world maps, abstract, flowers, motivational quotes if you are getting murals for office, food images if you are deciding to put murals in the kitchen and so on. The gist of the matter is that you should choose the image that gives you comfort and joy and makes you good about your home or workspace.

Determine the Size of Wall Murals:

Now comes the part that will decide what size mural wallpaper you will need. So what you need to do is to take a measuring tape and measure the length and width of the wall to the widest and longest possible points. And once done, order the mural wallpaper according to the size nearest, make sure you oversize and not undersize you can easily trim to size.

Final Words:
This is it, once you have the wall to be used for mural wallpaper mural designs and the right measurements you are good to go. Just order your mural wallpaper with confidence and bring a modern and stylish look to your home.

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Forest Wallpaper


Forest Wallpaper

The possibilities are endless; you could add a forest wallpaper mural to your sitting room, dining room or bedroom, where the rays of light and flower-covered forest floors will make you feel as though you're sitting amongst the trees. The incredible detail of our forest wallpaper allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature, no matter what type of view you prefer. Whether it's soft rays of sunshine gently breaking through a canopy of green treetops, a mysterious and hazy forest glade blanketed in snow or an endless misty rainforest, we're sure we'll find the perfect woodland wallpaper environment for you.

Wallpaper Mural – In a Secret Forest

Wallpaper Mural – Autumn – Melancholy

Wallpaper Mural – Autumn forest

Visit Our Wallpaper Murals Shop For Forest Collections

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Great Ideas For Children’s Rooms This summer!

 Children's Rooms Wallpaper Murals

There's something quite magical about children's wallpaper murals and creating your child's bedroom in a great looking theme, where you can become the kid again at heart.

If you get your child involved in the whole process it can be one of the most rewarding and emotionally satisfying fun filled things you will ever do with your child. There are some amazing children's wallpaper murals available,from jungle, animals, under-water themes, space and sports themes, music and dance themes to name a just a few and if you choose a good quality fleece wallpaper mural (they tend to come on a roll and will have no shrinkage unlike cheaper versions) they are also on a vinyl which makes them very durable and can be wiped down with a lightly damped cloth making them ideal for children's rooms .

What Colors To Choose

Kid's love colour so when you have decided on what wallpaper mural theme you have gone with then you can start to plan and design the room with your kids, let them come up with ideas it may surprise you and take you somewhere else than the norm and is a great way for your kids to use there creative skills at an early age. Most people choose a primary colour off the children's wallpaper muraland incorporate that colour on the rest of the walls, but also breaking up colour's with stripes or shapes wich you can easily do using masking tape your kids will love painting them in.

Great Looking Themes For Children's Room's

Depending on their age and weather it is for a boy or a girls room themes are totally different where boys tend to go with spaceand underwater themes,world maps and scientific,and the girls tend to waver more to animals and fairytale themes. Using accessories play a big part in any theme to pull it all together canvas prints or create a collage of family photos or making and creating a patchwork throw out of your child's old clothes is another great way to add colour to your theme. Painting draws and cupboards is another great way using different colours on each draws or doors, also mural wallpapers for doors is another great way to add that magical and mystical feel to the room.

Making a workspace or desk area for your child is also important where they can do school homework, artwork and crafts, model making etc. Also another great way is to use box shelving again you can paint these in different colours to add contrast,if your child has a collection this is a great way to showcase there items or trophies or little treasures they love. A lot of people are going to charity shops and carboot sales also looking out for old toys to paint or restore to add that vintage look with some nostalger fitted in, perhaps you may have toys from your childhood which can be brought out of the attic or out of that brown box out of the garage. One thing's for sure is you will have a fantastic time creating your children's dream room together whilst bringing out there creativity and imaginations....just one last thing and the most important thing.... Have Fun!

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How To decorate a Wall?

Wall Decoration

What to Choose for Walls: paint, wallpaper mural, wall art, art prints or some other accessories? How to decorate?

Interior design of every home starts with the walls as it is these which set the character for the interiors. The concern is what to choose for walls: paint, wallpaper mural, wall art, art prints or some other accessories?

How to decorate Walls? - some options are below:-

Painting walls

If we prefer to be minimalistic and enjoy light colours then we can paint walls white or pastel. A combination of a light and an extensive colour is likewise fascinating, as it stabilizes the entire. It also has additional advantages as in using two contrasting colours we have the ability to expand our interior or develop desired proportions. We can also paint walls using scrubbed wall paint and obtain an uncommon effect.


Currently there is an extremely large choice of styles and colours amongst wallpapers, and as such everyone will be able to discover something ideal for them. A wallpaper is ideal for masking all wall flaws.

Wall mural

Modern wall murals have little in common with those of 30 years ago. A wall mural extending throughout the whole wall will be an original and remarkable interior decor.


We can likewise utilize different accessories such as canvas prints, wall sticker labels and even art prints and wall art. To obtain an initial look in an uniform palette, you do not need to spend a lot. Conventional oil paintings are stylish touches, nevertheless canvas prints or art prints look very innovative. Numerous styles of posters are also ending up being popular once again, amongst them we find movie, theatre and retro. These posters are mostly used by young people who value originality. On the other hand wall stickers may bring colour to any interior and they are particularly advised for kids's spaces. Possibly we want to seem like we're in a palace? Utilizing photo wall art and wall prints is a very original concept.

The choice id actually vast and our choice practically endless. If we are doing not have in experience and are a little weary of taking on such a project by ourselves, we can always ask an interior designer for assistance or look for off the shelf concepts in magazines.

The question is what to select for walls: paint, wallpaper mural, wall art, art prints or some other accessories?

We can likewise paint walls utilizing scrubbed wall paint and obtain an uncommon impact.

A wall mural stretching throughout the entire wall will be an initial and extraordinary interior decoration. We can likewise utilize numerous accessories such as canvas prints, wall stickers and even art prints and wall art. Utilizing image wall art and wall prints is an extremely original concept.

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WoW Factor Your Living Room For A Fraction Of The Price!

living-room-wallpaperWell, now you can with one of our spectacular Wallpaper Murals for Living rooms, more than any other room in your house gets used more than your living room it's the perfect haven for you to chill out and relax with family and friends or even on your own when you get a moment to unwind. Therefore your wallpaper mural for your living room should reflect you and your personality whether you love abstract, landscapes, country style, retro, informal or modern designs.

I am thrilled wallpaper is back in fashion and boy has is come on leaps and bounds with incredible beautiful designs to add instant opulence to any room turning it something entirely different. The living room is the most favourite place to wallpaper there is just something so deliciously decadent about it, and now with the choice of some outstandingly beautiful wallpaper murals to create a featured wall and really bring your living room to life.

Choosing The Right Wallpaper Mural For Living Rooms

There is a lot of choices out there but there are also some poor cheaper versions to, some look great but if the quality of the paper isn't there in the first place you are wasting your time, you will get shrinkage over a short period of time leaving you to see the join lines especially on some murals where they come in panels rather than wallpaper murals which come on a roll also the quality of the print may fade especially if the sun is on it. So with all these factors to take into consideration make sure when you are ready to purchase your wallpaper mural it is a quality paper, Fleece vinyls are excellent quality and are durable and washable which make then ideal for any area especially where there may be a lot of wear and tear. Also to take into account is wallpapers made from standard paper and grasses are tricky to hang, but with these new non-woven wallpapers they are much much easier as you paste the wall instead of the paper. One other professional tip which I can't emphasise enough is before you hang your first strip of wallpaper make sure you have a perfectly true line...use a spirit level and really take your time getting this correct as if this is right all the other strips of wallpaper will drop in line without too much pushing avoiding you stretching the paper to line up.

Colours And Style To match your living room

Once you have found a wallpaper mural for your living room you absolutely love, be daring enough to decorate around it.
Select one of the neutral colours in the design to use as the rest of the colour in the room. Use this neutral colour on the rest of the walls and then select the most brilliant colour on the design to use as your accent can incorporate it within your art, accessories and soft furnishings to bring together your theme for your living room.

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Wall Murals

What is Wall Murals?

Wall murals are a fun way to enliven a dull, boring wall. You can add a touch of your personality to your home by painting or hanging wall murals. With a little bit of creativity, a simple room can be turned into a playful, adventurous zone.
Best of all, you don't have to be an artist to decorate your walls. Once you grow in confidence, start with the actual wall.

How to decorate your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, kid's room?

As per your taste and budget, you can cover a single wall or entire room with murals. You can decorate your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, kid's room and create all sorts of illusion with wall murals.

3d-wallpaper-muralsWhy should you choose for wall Murals?

There are thousands of wallpaper murals available on our site but we got the best of collections at a reasonable price. We guarantee the very best in high-quality wallpaper murals with UV protection and 100% no shrinkage.

Precaution for Wallpaper Murals?

When you are in the process of deciding which wall to choose for hanging mural, decide on the one which gets minimum amount of sun exposure, where furniture is not moved frequently. Taking this simple precaution will help your mural to stay intact for years.