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The Best Natural Pattern Wall Murals

The Use Of Natural Patterns Wall Murals are a treat for the senses.

These are purposely basic images that, when viewed as wall murals, are works of art. You should think of them as pure, simple and natural. With Mother Nature as the source, these graphically enhanced photos create murals that are a rich source of inspiration.
From a chambered nautilus to a beach theme, to underwater rocks, green forest leaves, a sand dunes and more, find wall murals of patterns found organically in our natural world.
The collection should be fresh and exciting take on patterned and abstract wallpaper murals. We’ve captured nature’s vibe, so to speak. Can you even begin to imagine how wonderful a Natural Patterns Mural will look and feel in your home or office?  Find a natural image or background to fit your vision or theme. You’ll find yourself wondering how wallpaper can do so much, so well.
With natural patterns wall murals, you aren’t constrained by stuffy pattern books and swatches. Dress up your walls as you see fit. With this freedom of expression, you are thinking outside the box and papering your walls with unexpected looks inspired directly from nature. So let your imagination run wild and create a living space which is out of this world.

Some links of the 3d wallpaper murals you may be interested.

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Tips for Hanging a Mural on the Wall

All our Murals come with instructions on hanging, although they are for papers which are similar size to the walls and need little trimming.

However if your size wall is a lot smaller make sure you slightly oversize. Firstly measure the width of the wall and mark out the middle (exactly) with a spirit level mark a line in the middle from floor to ceiling ( take time to make sure this is exact) if the line is exact the rest of the paper will fall nicely. This example is for the largest Mural which is 8 drops of paper, starting from the left mark out the drops 1 2 3 4 to centre of the wall then 5 6 7 8.     ( start with drop 4 and line up from the left to the centre line making sure it is perfectly in line with the centre, and smooth it out and then hang drop 5 lining up to drop 4….once you have done this you can work outwards accordingly.  To trim the paper ( for the neatest job get yourself a paper trimmer (flat edge) and trim using a sharp knife, make sure you change the blade after every few cuts to avoid dragging and tearing, if you are unsure or want any advice please don’t hesitate in contacting us at