When Buying 3D wallpaper Murals, one common question is are you Choosing The Right Size?

Hundreds of customers contacting us each month with common questions regarding sizes and how our 3d wallpaper murals come, this can be a bit confusing for some with old imperial measurements from inches to metric and using centremetres or millimetres. The fact of the matter the answer is it’s pretty straightforward, all standard wallpapers (Decco Panels) as they can be named in other european countries are normally 50cm wide (per drop) so lets say your wall is 400cm wide, you would have 8 drops of wallpaper, 350cm 7 drops and so on.

Do 3D wall Murals come with marked cut lines?

Our wallpaper murals come in exactly the same way on one roll and for ease they have pre marked cut lines and numbered for each section, each 3d wallpaper mural comes with an instruction guide and if you have hung wallpaper before you should find it quite easy to install…

I am not confident to install 3D wallpaper Mural my own?

NO PROBLEM AT ALL, do a search on the internet trade sites like mybuilder, checkatrade etc in the uk and put in your postcode in and post the job in your area and you will get professional decorators who will offer there service to come and quote to install your wallpaper mural.
Prices we found are for around £40 to £60 which is not a bad deal and that way you make sure its done right, always remember to look at there customers feedback to make sure you choose the right person for the job. For our customers in France-Germany-Spain and other European countries there are similar trade sites and likewise for our international customers.

What If You Haven’t Got My Size of 3d wall mural?

This is something else we get asked a lot from customers. The majority of our customers get the sizes what they need and as you should know you must always choose the wallpaper murals over size to the nearest one and then trim down. Now say your wall is 310cm you would normally go for the 350cm and trim either side by 20cm but doing this just make sure on that particular design of the 3dwallpaper mural allows this without taking any prominent detail out, in most cases its ok as they are designed for trimming down but just make sure, feel free to call us at 3D Wallpaper Murals UK if you are still unsure and we will be happy to help.
If you find yourself being in that situation where you love one of our 3d wallpaper murals but you have an awkward size and to trim it down to much would take some of the design away, the only other option if…And when our customers have done it they have been overjoyed by the outcome is to create a border for your wallpaper mural.
Some of our murals have a border already designed on them to trim down accordingly, wallpaper murals like brick,stone and wooden designs you can get away with trimming down to what ever size as it wouldn’t effect the design.
To make a border choose a colour paint which is going to compliment your wallpaper mural..white tends to be the popular choice, so if you paint around all the edges remember to take your time to cut in to get nice sharp lines on the outer edge. Once you have done that just paint a band all the way around your wall to create a frame you don’t have to worry about getting a straight line just as long as you have come in enough for the wallpaper mural to be placed over once the paint has dried. There should be room there for adjustment.

How to Install 3D WallPaper Mural with ease?

You are now ready to install your wallpaper mural, firstly find the centre of the wall using a tape measure, so lets say you have a 400cm very large wallpaper mural, once you have got your centre mark work out 200cm either side from your centre mark. You would start on the left hand side, so from your start mark on the left, get a spirit level and draw a straight line down…make sure this is accurate and perfectly straight as this will make the rest of the drops of wallpaper fall nicely without to much playing around with…so remember get the first one nice and straight and rest should follow nicely.
One very important factor is with our 3d wallpaper murals, they are a heavy weighted highest quality non woven paper..YOU MUST PASTE THE WALL NOT THE PAPER and for ease and getting an even level of paste use a paint roller easy!! you can use standard wallpaper paste but make sure its a decent one!

Hope this help some of our customers who have questions how to insatll 3d wallpaper mural and doubts to choose the right size of wallpaper mural.

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