Creating a new look for your home or business has never been easier with the use of wallpaper murals. Wallpaper murals can make a dramatic change to the overall appearance of your room and bringing to life the most boring and tiring spaces to life. Wallpaper Murals are not a thing to go out of fashion as the designs are always in keeping with the current trends and let’s face it what else can you do apart from paint and create the bog standard feature wall normally a standard run of the mill wallpaper around the chimney brest. Well those days have gone people’s ideas are changing and they are going more bolder and creative with there decorating themes so why not join them.

Wallpaper Murals On A Roll Or Square Panels…Which One’s Best?

There are many places that sell wallpaper murals and the quality between many of them is vast. There are many copies out there and variations too on the main selling auction sites without mentioning any names and the quality are very poor on most of them so if it’s cheap….That’s why! It’s like hanging tracing paper to the wall.

The quality of the paper is key to a good wallpaper mural and the premium wallpapers come on a roll like standard wallpaper and not in square panels believe me there is a massive difference in quality. We have heard many times of murals shrinking and fading within a month of been put up…poor quality paper and Ink comes to mind you pay for what you get so spend a little bit extra and get a good quality wallpaper mural from the start.

Price Ranges

A good top quality wallpaper mural depending on the size you require can range from £120 to £350 for a large size mural of around 400cm wide which is extremely large, there are some even larger ones available. Quality is everything in a wallpaper mural from the vivid depth of the color to the design…you get what you pay for and in most instances it’s true.

Non-Woven Papers

Most top quality wallpaper murals are on non-woven paper which makes it perfect for hanging for one main reason you paste the wall first not like standard wallpapers having said that most manufacturers are going the non-woven way now. The idea of pasting the wall first is the paper does not get wet with paste as you probably are aware if you have hung wallpaper before it tears very easily and also when you are trimming off edges with a sharp knife it tends to drag and then leaves you with untidy and jagged edges whereas with the non-woven paper it’s only the areas which are pasted where the paper is going to stick leaving the paper whats left to be trimmed dry and with a good straight edge easy to trim leaving nice sharp and even cuts. Also to bear in mind a lot of our business customers change their mural every year just to keep their workspace fresh and inviting as unlike other wallpapers which is a great benefit Non-woven papers are really easy to strip because they are extremely durable so tend to come off in large strips just wet the backing whatever is left on and leave for 2 mins and then scrape off…easy.

Popular Themes At The Moment

Wallpaper murals and interior decor is down to your own individual personal tastes, what has been popular this year is forest wallpaper murals, world map designs and clocks and also what has been hugely popular has been 3d abstract where there some breathtaking designs. Another important thing is the furnishings to help compliment your wallpaper mural and theme. Canvas prints or paintings can add that finishing touch to the rest of the walls to break up those blank spaces. Mood lighting is another great way to create the ambiance of a room and showcasing your wallpaper mural, as mood lighting comes on strips you can sit them on top of the skirting board or by the base of the floor and direct them up to cast light on your mural which can really dramatically change the whole mood of the room. Don’t be afraid to try things new be creative and design a theme to promote your personality or business. Next time you are out and about take a look around at some shops or business’s themes I doubt it would be very long before you came across a wallpaper mural or for that instance tv shows and if you look properly you will see some people come up with amazing ideas using props to set off the theme they have in there mind.

Using Wallpaper murals other than featured wall

You can use wallpaper murals where ever you would like, again we have seen numerous examples of this. One gentleman used a large bold stone wallpaper mural and did either side of a hallway the hallway ceiling was rounded and with the use of old vintage lighting the effect was amazing. Also, we have seen examples where people have used certain designed wallpaper murals and installed then in the corner of the room so it gave a fantastic depth and gave off an incredible illusion, so you can do some amazing creative unique things with the use of wallpaper murals, so to re-iterate you can use wallpaper murals where ever and for whatever your imagination can come up with…just remember have fun doing it. Also, a new product on the market is wallpaper murals for doors and are great if you have flat profile doors or fire doors etc and can just finish a room off perfectly with the right design to complement your wallpaper mural.

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