Children’s Rooms Wallpaper Murals

There’s something quite magical about children’s wallpaper murals and creating your child’s bedroom in a great looking theme, where you can become the kid again at heart.

If you get your child involved in the whole process it can be one of the most rewarding and emotionally satisfying fun filled things you will ever do with your child. There are some amazing children’s wallpaper murals available,from jungle, animals, under-water themes, space and sports themes, music and dance themes to name a just a few and if you choose a good quality fleece wallpaper mural (they tend to come on a roll and will have no shrinkage unlike cheaper versions) they are also on a vinyl which makes them very durable and can be wiped down with a lightly damped cloth making them ideal for children’s rooms .

What Colors To Choose

Kid’s love colour so when you have decided on what wallpaper mural theme you have gone with then you can start to plan and design the room with your kids, let them come up with ideas it may surprise you and take you somewhere else than the norm and is a great way for your kids to use there creative skills at an early age. Most people choose a primary colour off the children’s wallpaper muraland incorporate that colour on the rest of the walls, but also breaking up colour’s with stripes or shapes wich you can easily do using masking tape your kids will love painting them in.

Great Looking Themes For Children’s Room’s

Depending on their age and weather it is for a boy or a girls room themes are totally different where boys tend to go with spaceand underwater themes,world maps and scientific,and the girls tend to waver more to animals and fairytale themes. Using accessories play a big part in any theme to pull it all together canvas prints or create a collage of family photos or making and creating a patchwork throw out of your child’s old clothes is another great way to add colour to your theme. Painting draws and cupboards is another great way using different colours on each draws or doors, also mural wallpapers for doors is another great way to add that magical and mystical feel to the room.

Making a workspace or desk area for your child is also important where they can do school homework, artwork and crafts, model making etc. Also another great way is to use box shelving again you can paint these in different colours to add contrast,if your child has a collection this is a great way to showcase there items or trophies or little treasures they love. A lot of people are going to charity shops and carboot sales also looking out for old toys to paint or restore to add that vintage look with some nostalger fitted in, perhaps you may have toys from your childhood which can be brought out of the attic or out of that brown box out of the garage. One thing’s for sure is you will have a fantastic time creating your children’s dream room together whilst bringing out there creativity and imaginations….just one last thing and the most important thing…. Have Fun!

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