living-room-wallpaperWell, now you can with one of our spectacular Wallpaper Murals for Living rooms, more than any other room in your house gets used more than your living room it’s the perfect haven for you to chill out and relax with family and friends or even on your own when you get a moment to unwind. Therefore your wallpaper mural for your living room should reflect you and your personality whether you love abstract, landscapes, country style, retro, informal or modern designs.

I am thrilled wallpaper is back in fashion and boy has is come on leaps and bounds with incredible beautiful designs to add instant opulence to any room turning it something entirely different. The living room is the most favourite place to wallpaper there is just something so deliciously decadent about it, and now with the choice of some outstandingly beautiful wallpaper murals to create a featured wall and really bring your living room to life.

Choosing The Right Wallpaper Mural For Living Rooms

There is a lot of choices out there but there are also some poor cheaper versions to, some look great but if the quality of the paper isn’t there in the first place you are wasting your time, you will get shrinkage over a short period of time leaving you to see the join lines especially on some murals where they come in panels rather than wallpaper murals which come on a roll also the quality of the print may fade especially if the sun is on it. So with all these factors to take into consideration make sure when you are ready to purchase your wallpaper mural it is a quality paper, Fleece vinyls are excellent quality and are durable and washable which make then ideal for any area especially where there may be a lot of wear and tear. Also to take into account is wallpapers made from standard paper and grasses are tricky to hang, but with these new non-woven wallpapers they are much much easier as you paste the wall instead of the paper. One other professional tip which I can’t emphasise enough is before you hang your first strip of wallpaper make sure you have a perfectly true line…use a spirit level and really take your time getting this correct as if this is right all the other strips of wallpaper will drop in line without too much pushing avoiding you stretching the paper to line up.

Colours And Style To match your living room

Once you have found a wallpaper mural for your living room you absolutely love, be daring enough to decorate around it.
Select one of the neutral colours in the design to use as the rest of the colour in the room. Use this neutral colour on the rest of the walls and then select the most brilliant colour on the design to use as your accent colour…you can incorporate it within your art, accessories and soft furnishings to bring together your theme for your living room.

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