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Best Photo wallpaper!

Long gone of the days of the magnolia walls and white gloss paint in every room in the house. People these days are being bold and daring in there interior design choices for each room of the house, now there using Photo Wallpapers more commonly known as Wallpaper murals.

Not so many years back it would have cost you a great deal of money for something which to be frank wasn’t great and the quality in print and detail was much to be desired. Now these days are different kettle of fish with the highly advanced technology we now have 3d photo wallpaper murals surpassing anything else seen on the market and it’s booming. Before it was just celebs, business type people, hotels and tv/film production companies etc who could wisk up the money to buy them. Chances are you have seen many 3d wallpaper murals while you have been watching tv as a backdrop and because of lighting and staging you would probably thought it real.


Some Photo wallpapers are absolutely stunning peices of art and to be available to joe public now at very reasonably prices…arh but don’t get me wrong you can still pay £500+ for a large quality fleece woven photo wallpaper.

The best 3d photo wallpapers would come on a roll and with pre-cut marks for ease. Depending on size the photo wallpapers normally on the large one’s which are around 450cm length by 270cm in height which is Big… will workout at 8 drops at 50cm per section, and if you have ever attempted wallpapering and you feel you have done a great job well you should have no problem hanging the photo wallpaper if’s its of good quality.

I have heard of people getting cheaper versions and it’s been like tracing paper so bear that in mind.


There is a vast array of themes of Photo wallpapers from abstract – animals – cities including famous landmarks – mountain ranges – landscapes – beaches – sunrises and sunsets – sea – sky – flowers…the list is endless. Most people will hang there photo wallpapers first then decor the room theme around it, you’ll be surprised how it kicks your creativity into other realms. we have seen some pretty amazing rooms and with the use of soft lighting and sometimes mood lighting they have created something which is not far short from spectacular using the photo wallpaper to dramatically bring the room to life, with the right blend of furnishings.

Photo wallpapers are not just for domestic homes

We have seen them in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, dental practices, schools and many other places of work, one example was a gentleman who wanted to brighten up a room in a health sanctuary it was very dark and drab the first thing he did was put a photo wallpaper of a sky theme on the ceiling as he wanted to create a tranquil and peaceful effect from the start and then cleverly using the right landscape photo wallpaper made the space into a calming beautiful meditation room.

Another example was this lady who wanted to do a cave theme for her spare room…yes I thought the same why on earth would you want to make a cave in your house but as mad as it’s seems she created something which was mind blowing, firstly she used a great landscape photo wallpaper which set her theme up, then for the next 6 weeks made up some false rocks out of paper mashey and carefully fixed them on the other walls which looked nothing really until she started to paint them in great detail down to the moss in the cracks.

She then got some palm plants and situated them either side of the photo wallpaper which created an entrance to the backdrop, all I can say is I have seen some pretty amazing rooms but this particular one you had to see it to believe it…It was just unbelievable.

Ideal surroundings with the use of photo wallpapers in your home/ office or work-space

So I guess what I’m trying to say is your home is your castle, so don’t be afraid to be bold or different from the everyday norm, try something new to create your ideal surroundings with the use of photo wallpapers in your home/ office or work-space.

You can get some great deals on quality fleece wallpaper murals at the moment but make sure it is on quality paper so you are not let down when you have installed it….quality is everything when choosing a photo wallpaper so to make sure you get that wow factor just follow my suggestions and you won’t go far wrong.

A Professional Touch To Put Photo Wallpapers

Also another major factor is you should not paste the photo wallpaper like you do on most standard wallpapers, you should paste the wall first ( a lot of professionals use a paint roller to roll the paste on to the walls and use a small paint brush to paste the seems and edges…the reason for this is one even coverage of the paste but the main reason is on the parts of the photo wallpaper where you are trimming i.e. where it meets ceiling or floor them parts of the mural will not be damp with paste and will allow you to trim using a straight edge and sharp knife with ease and without dragging.

You have probably come across in your time when you have tried to trim wallpaper with a knife you get half way through the cut and then it starts tearing the paper, so doing it the way mentioned avoids a lot of frustrations and loosing your temper…and not only that it will give you nice sharp cuts and a great finish.

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