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Transform your home or workspace with one of our Designer Fleece Wallpaper Murals

Our 3d Wallpaper Murals have been used on numerous backdrops on TV and film sets seen by millions all over the world, but also our Wallpaper Murals have transformed Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, Schools, Nurseries alike.  Our HD Photo Wallpaper Murals bring walls to life and create an ambience you can build on to set the perfect theme for your desired room…Be Bold be different!

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The Sizes Of Our Wallpaper Murals go up to An Incredible 550cm x 270cm  approx  

We have thousands of designs to choose from…so let your imagination run wild as you browse through our huge selection of Themes

whether it be a Beach theme wallpaper mural, Landscape, Backgrounds & Patterns, (Deco Panels Standard Wallpaper) , Fantasy,  Animals, Flowers,  3d and Perspective, Abstract, People, Cities, or anything else you can think of we are sure you will find something in our eclectic range of the best wallpaper murals in the world at rock bottom prices.

We don’t just put all our best wallpaper murals on the first couple of pages, so give yourself a little time to browse as there are some Incredible  wallpaper murals throughout and you might just see something which you would’ve never thought of.

We’re sure you will find something in our beautiful range of  3d wallpaper murals and HD prints, Handmade original Paintings to Order, Pinboards,  to name a few…All orders come with free (Insured & Tracked) shipping within Europe, please contact us For Worldwide Shipping cost or Trade Enquiries.

We believe you will be blown away by the quality of our Fleece Lined Wallpaper Murals and Ground Breaking Designs!


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How to Decorate Using Wall Paper Murals?

Murals are a great way to add some interest and style to a room. Murals can be used in all different types of room from the kitchen to a bedroom. They are a very popular way to take a large area and add some design to it. Here are some basics on decorating with murals in your home.

What is a Mural?

A mural is a large design or picture that is hung directly on the wall. These murals can be anything from a picture of a beach scene, Animals, abstract, 3d and perspective to a pattern of dots or stripes on the wall, check our online shop 3D wallpaper murals that offer the best and latest never seen before HD 3d wallpapers that will blow your mind.

Tips for Hanging a Mural on the Wall

All our Murals come with instructions on hanging, although they are for papers which are similar size to the walls and need little trimming.

However if your size wall is a lot smaller make sure you slightly oversize. Firstly measure the width of the wall and mark out the middle (exactly) with a spirit level mark a line in the middle from floor to ceiling ( take time to make sure this is exact) if the line is exact the rest of the paper will fall nicely. This example is for the largest Mural which is 8 drops of paper, starting from the left mark out the drops 1 2 3 4 to centre of the wall then 5 6 7 8.     ( start with drop 4 and line up from the left to the centre line making sure it is perfectly in line with the centre, and smooth it out and then hang drop 5 lining up to drop 4….once you have done this you can work outwards accordingly.  To trim the paper ( for the neatest job get yourself a paper trimmer (flat edge) and trim using a sharp knife, make sure you change the blade after every few cuts to avoid dragging and tearing, if you are unsure or want any advice please don’t hesitate in contacting us at  3dwallpapermurals@gmail.com

Hire a Professional to Hang Your Mural

If you don’t feel competent enough to hang your Mural, we offer a nationwide fitting service, please contact us for further information.

Where to Add Murals in Your Home

Murals can make a great addition to just about any room in your home or workspace. Consider a great nursery mural for a new little one or childs room. Or if you have a large empty wall in your dining room, you may want to add a mural that fits the style of the room. Murals can be added to bathrooms and kitchens as well. Let our huge range of designer Murals inspire you to create your own perfect living space…Transform your space into something Different